Birthday Marketing Chrome Tool

If you follow our roadmap process, you have a list of prospects that you will be connected with on LinkedIn.

Many contacts within LinkedIn state thier date of birth.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to market to them in the form of a birthday card (and covering sales letter) that you send out in the mail a week before the date.

The problem - how do you get all of those dates of birth out of LinkedIn and into a calendar?

We've created a Chrome extension that will extract all of your contacts into a CSV file.

How to use:

1) Open Chrome
2) Goto the manage extensions setting
3) Turn on developer mode
4) Choose button "load unpacked" then choose the folder
5) Navigate to your LinkedIn connections
6) Click the IT Rockstars "LinkedIn Connections Birthday Extractor"
7) Start scaping
8) CSV File will download to download folder
9) Open Excel > Go to data tab > Choose from Text/CSV > open CSV

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